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Fee schedule effective from July 2021

  •   From 1/7/2022 , due to running costs exceeding Medicare rebates, gaps will apply to ALL consults for patients 5 years and over.  Children under 5 will continue to be bulk billed (weekdays only).   Please speak to our receptionist when you book for more information on the fees that will apply for that consult.
  • We accept cash, cheque , Visa / Mastercard and EFTPOS.
  • We offer Medicare online and Medicare Easyclaim
  • Patients are required to make a minimum payment of the gap at each consult.
  • Full payment on the day is encouraged with a discount in the gap.
  • Pensioners and concessional card holders will have a discount on the standard gap charges.
  • Higher gaps apply with longer consults.
  • Weekend consults incur an additional $15 fee for adults .
  • Similar gaps apply for Telephone/ Telehealth consults from October 2020
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